Monday, April 11, 2011

April 5, 2011

Trip over was great. Flew in on KLM. I was supposed to change planes in Amsterdam but Cairo was closed and I had to stay overnight in Amsterdam. Oh poor me. After arriving in Cairo the plane was greeted with the largest rainfall in the last 5 years (so I am told). Roads were covered with water, low areas became lakes. It was terrific. Puddles in the road were just another excuse for a vehicle wreck. Traffic here makes Rome, London, New York, and Tokyo look like kiddy land. I spend 4 hrs + per day being driven between Cairo and Suez City. Most of it is desert – all of it is traffic.

The Schedule: Our weekend is Fri and Sat. On workdays, I get picked up about 7:00 am and off to Suez. On Monday, I have a 10:45 am Adult Ed Class with Dr. Mohammed Sweylem. He has developed an excellent classroom style. The students have adjusted well to a little Arabic and a little English. Their questions are exceptionally well thought out and insightful. They are truly a reflection of the best of the Jan 25, 2011 Revolution.

Tuesday: Two classes; another Adult Ed Class in the AM and a Research Class for Faculty and advanced graduate students in the PM.

Wednesday: A research class for students in the PM.

Thursday: An advanced graduate student seminar. We have our own student developed agenda: presentation techniques, assessment, and what to do after a revolution (just kidding) and writing.

Camel loads of luv from Suez

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