Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

Will have a free extended weekend this weekend. Friday and Saturday are the normal weekend plus Sunday (just sort of thrown in) and Monday is Easter. Yes, Easter is a legal holiday here is this predominantly Moslem country. Will be spending time in Esmilia. This is an old city, more to do there than in Suez. Will be visiting a High School there and looking forward to going. Have acquired two students here, one Master’s and one Doctorate. The Master’s student, Eman Yahya, defended her thesis proposal last Sunday. Three hours of grilling in Arabic and English. When it comes to defense or exams, these folks do not play games. Approximately 75 in attendance, a least 15 faculty and each of them had a question or comment. Fun to watch. Eman did extraordinary well, for which I am thankful because the process was turning me into a nervous wreck. That’s about all for now. Best wishes from the land of sand.

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