Monday, April 11, 2011

April 9, 2011

Had a really great weekend. Started Thurs and Fri with Maysaa Barakat’s father. He is retired Egyptian General Officer (Engineers). We had lunch on Thursday at the Nile River Yacht Club in Cairo. Joined by the Club Master (another retired general) and spent the afternoon discussing lateen sails, light winds, cross current, big ships, small boats and just about everything nautical.

After lunch we drove to Tahrir Square (where the revolution began). All was peaceful.

Friday we went to the General’s home outside Cairo in Obari. Joined his neighbor and long time friend (another retired general) and later a third friend showed up. Had Brunch and then dinner. No restaurant could produce food of the quality we had there. Besides, I can’t remember when I have seen so many generals. We watched the Friday riots at Tahrir Sq with great interest and discussed history, government, and the future of many things. It was a wonderful intellectually exhausting evening.

Got up Sat in time to visit Tahrir Sq. When we got there (Dr Frahim and I) the major riots were over. Still had a burnt bus and a truck still on fire. Small groups debating things about which I am sure they knew less than I. Really an exciting time to walk around the birthplace of the Revolutiuon. Peace is coming slowly, only one killed the day prior. After taking pictures we had coffee and went shopping. Could not ask for a better day.

PS. Not worried about personal security. Very safe all the time. I also carry a nijab so if things get exciting they cannot see I am an American….

TA TA from Cairo

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  1. Jim, we're all happy you made it. Thanks for being a great ambassador for the College of Education and Auburn University. War Eagle!