Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Jan 30

Still at work (Auburn). It is amazing how work expands to the time alloted. Decision to travel is still pending. I have daily telephonic (land line) contact with friends in Egypt. American Embassy has issued travel advisory and is encouraging Americans in Egypt to leave. The current unrest has no "anti-American" focus, but there are gangs of discontents robbing, houses, stores and threatening people on the streets. The police force is completely in effective, the Army is really not engaging the civil unrest, so until that subsides Egypt is generally not safe.

The University there has yet to close and that is encouraging. A decision to leave for Egypt will be made in the future. As of today, it is not the best of ideas. Maria and I have experience with civil unrest (Panama, Iran, Pakistan)and have decided to remain here for a while (as much as I dislike missing an opportunity to observe history first hand).
Will keep you posted as circumstances change.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

two weeks left

Welcome to the first posting on a new blog which will (eventually) reflect my teaching assignment and travels in Egypt. I have been asked to join the faculty of the Suez Canal University in Suez City a short distance outside of Cairo. This is not my first visit there. At this pont most of my efforts are expended on travel preparation. The Auburn University requirements are very straight forward, things like shots and documents. Travel advisories are also simple and easy to find. Personal stuff like a 3 mos supply of medications, new glasses, light weight clothing, books, reference materials and computer, all seem to run together. So far- so good. This is just an initial posting. Should have more (and better) information as this trip progresses.
for now