Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14

The frustration of waiting is mounting daily. Each setback requires new planning to cover the anticipated stay in Egypt. Having said that, there are positive sides to the waiting. One positive side is to reflect on the overall Egyptian situation. The end of 30 years of political domination and the beginning of a hopefully more open and democratic period is most noteworthy. I know of no period in Egypt's past where the country was governed as a democracy. What is needed to make the transition? In the most basic terms three things are needed to usher in the new government: 1) food, 2) jobs 3) self-determination. When those three conditions are met the opportunity for an entirely new social order and societal growth are possible. Enough reflection. It looks like the schedule is now back on for the first part of April. Perhaps then we can get back to the business of whatever it is Professors do. Enshallah.

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