Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9

Things are still on hold. There are indications that the University may open next week. In which case, my departure is near. However, we have had false hopes in the past so I am continuing to wait with patience. There were demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo which did not really relate to the political situation there but do indicate an underlying social problem. A group of women went to the square to celebrate World Women's Day and were harassed by a large group of men who eventually drove them from the square. Gender equity comes hard in many places. Lastly, the friction dealing with Coptic Christians also is playing a part in the disorder. Yesterday the Army was used to quell a religious disturbance. Copts and Moslems have lived side by side for centuries, it is sad to see this sort of disruption surface. Will let you know how the opening of the university goes.

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