Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 26, 2011

Spent Easter with General Barak (Maysaa’s father) and friends at Obari, just outside Cairo. Easter is a national holiday in Egypt and Moslems and Christians spend time with respective families. Or they spend time in traffic just trying to join their respective families. It was nice to be outside the city.

Food there was excellent(as always). When I first arrived I had to select food by color: Green, Light Green and Dark Green or Brown, Light Brown or Dark Brown. That was because I did not know the Arabic names for the things I was eating. Now that is all changing. I am learning the Arabic names. For instance I was served a light green vegetable pronounced “let-us”. It was served with sliced tomatoes (I haven’t learned the name yet but I recognized the taste). When I return home I hope we can find “let-us”. It is really good.

That’s all for now. Class prep, writing, students and other academic things will rapidly consume the day.

ma’is salaama

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